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Friday, January 18, 2008

Mitt Romney GOP 2008 True Delegate Count

I hope McCain's delegate numbers aren't that high, but one thing is clear. On Super Tuesday, of the 9,950,167 who voted in the Republican Primary, Romney obtained 3,497,341 or 35% of the total votes vs McCain's 42%. McCain obtained about 21% more votes than Romney, but obtained probably 250% more delegates! All these 'winner-take-all' RINO states have disenfranchised at least 2,000,000 Romney voters on Super Tuesday.

Many if not most of these 'open primary' and 'winner-take-all' rules were changed in the past couple years to disenfranchise the votes of millions of conservative and Mormons, and to hand the party nomination to a Manchurian Candidate RINO and an populist anti-Mormon bigot good-old-boy from Arkansas. Anti-conservative bias? Anti-Mormon bias? RINO bias? Doesn't matter, the fact is the Democrat Primaries are proportionate (not winner-take-all) and generally closed primaries. They refuse to let their party's nomination be hijacked that blatantly.

Could Hilary have written the Republican 'open primary' and 'winner-take-all for delegate-rich liberal states' rules any better herself? Democrats (Independents") and RINOs have hijacked the Republican Party nomination and we should take it back at the convention by changing back the rules to 'proportionate' and discount the votes of Democrats (Democrats who pretended they were 'Independents'). This travesty is not just 'how it works,' this is voter suppression that would make Hilary proud.

Race At A GlanceTotal Primary Votes:
Romney 3,497,341
McCain 4,220,296
Huckabee 2,232,530

Total Delegates (1,191 needed)
Romney 294
McCain 680
Huckabee 176

Keep in mind none of the websites (10 am morning after!) are showing the delegates proportioned to Romney in California, so we'll update as needed:

CNN DELEGATES (keeps changing)
McCain 559
Romney 265
Huckabee 169
Ron Paul 16

Huckabee says if Romney can't win in the South, he can't win in the General Election. But isn't true if McCain can't win in the South, he can't win in the General? Obviously, Huckabee is a Perot spoiler looking for a VP position. However, he underestimates how much the South hates McCain. They will NOT for McCain over Obama (or Clinton)! Ergo, Huckabee is doing one thing, helping Hilary win the General.

In the Democrat party, hispanics hate blacks. In the Republican party, Evangelicals hate Mormons. Do the math. If you don't put your prejudice aside, you will be responsible for taking the country down an inevitably liberal path of gay marriage (next President picks two judges) and big government (over-regulation, over-taxation).

Turns out Huckabee can only win in the South where social conservatives HATE McCain. A Vote for Huckabee is a Vote for McCain. Huckabee only attacks Romney, never McCain. Huckabee and McCain hate Romney more than they hate Democrats, so makes you wonder who's side are they on anyway? Some Evangelicals can't see they are showing the same intolerance and hatred to Mormons that the media shows towards Evangelicals. A party divided cannot stand. All religious men of any degree of piety must unite, or the anti-God anti-Christ liberal secularists will rend us asunder.

Most the websites giving delegate counts are giving 'projected' or 'imaginary' delegate counts that inflate everything in a pro-Huckabee pro-McCain direction and are completely fictional. Here's the real delegate count:

Romney 54
Huckabee 22
McCain 15
Thompson 6
Paul 2
Giuliani 1
Hunter 1

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