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Saturday, February 2, 2008


Zogby is calling California for Romney!!!

Romney popular among Massachusetts Republicans:
Romney 55% McCain 23% no other candidate coming close

Don’t Fall for irrelevant Polls again:
January 1980 Gallup Poll Carter 63% Reagan 32%

"John McCain is Bob Dole minus the charm, conservatism and youth. Like McCain, pollsters assured us that Dole was the most "electable" Republican. Unlike McCain, Dole didn't lie all the time while claiming to engage in Straight Talk." (Ann Coulter, Straight Talk Express Takes Scenic Route to Truth, January 23, 2008,

  1. Romney ran for Governor of Massachusetts as a Republican, and won!
  2. The Economy is going into recession and Romney is bar none the best candidate, Republican or Democrat, on the economy. Romney has proven track record in turning around failing businesses and understanding the complex dynamics of the economy. Unlike GW, no one can call him stupid. He graduated the top of his class at Harvard Business and Law Schools. McCain graduated at the bottom of his class at the Naval Academy with some 1,000 graduates. Can anyone say McCain-lackluster?
  3. Last year Mitt Romney rasied more money than any other candidate, Republican or Democrat. Fund-raising is a major sign of grass-roots support.
  4. Moderates never win elections. Can anyone say Bob Dole?
  5. In October 1980 Polls showed Carter defeating Reagan, so who cares about polls?
  6. Democrat pundit Donna Brazille let it slip that Mitt is the one Democrats fear most.
  7. Mitt has received the most votes of any Republican candidate.
  8. Romney (Nevada) and Obama (South Carolina) are the only two candidates to win the majority of Primary voters in a State (Democrat party refuses to count Florida delegates). All other candidates are unable to energize voters.
  9. Governors not Senators win elections. Governor GW Bush, Governor Bill Clinton, Governor Ronald Reagan, Governor Jimmy Carter, etc..
  10. All candidates talk big about changing Washington and improving healthcare. Romney did it. He did something no one thought possible. Romney miraculously passed legislation for universal healthcare, with private insurance, without raising taxes. Romney turned around businesses like Staples, Sports Authority, and Domino's. He turned around a budget deficit into a surplus as Governor of Massachusetts. He turned around the scandal-ridden Olympics from a deficit to a surplus. No other candidate's record comes close!!
Who were the last Republican moderates to run for office? Gerald Ford (1976), Bush Sr (1992), and Senator Dole (1996). They all lost miserably. Polls about McCain beating Obama or Hilary are bogus. January 1996 Polls showed Senator Bob Dole (war hero and Senator for decades) beating Bill Clinton, but Clinton ended up defeating Dole in a landslide in November. McCain cannot energize the base of the Republican party (conservatives), period.

"Many McCain supporters insist he is the only Republican who can beat Hillary Clinton or Barak Obama. And they point to certain polls. The polls are meaningless this far from November. Six months ago, the polls had Rudy winning the Republican nomination. In October 1980, the polls had Jimmy Carter defeating Ronald Reagan. This is no more than spin." (Mark Levin Endorses Romney, 'Rally for Romney, Conservatives need to act now, before it is too late.'

"about whether the race is over, "No, absolutely not. I think this race is wide open. I think Mitt Romney still has a very good chance of winning. You know, I think right now, we’re looking at the media trying to make Barack Obama the president, and make John McCain the shill for him. And I don’t see, I think they know that John McCain can’t win this election, and they know…it’s probably the best chance for them to do it." (Senator Rick Santorum,

"John McCain is Bob Dole minus the charm, conservatism and youth. Like McCain, pollsters assured us that Dole was the most "electable" Republican. Unlike McCain, Dole didn't lie all the time while claiming to engage in Straight Talk." (Ann Coulter, Straight Talk Express Takes Scenic Route to Truth, January 23, 2008,

Donna Brazile, the renowned Democrat who managed Al Gore's 2000 presidential campaign, was asked on C-SPAN's Washington Journal which Republican she most feared as the 2008 GOP nominee. Her response? "Mitt Romney." (Nov 11 2006)

"I had a similar discussion with Senator Jim DeMint of South Carolina, also a passionate supporter. He told me that the vast majority of his Senate colleagues, both Republican and Democrat, feel that Mitt will be the Republican nominee. He also said that a majority of his Democrat associates in the Senate feel that Mitt would be the toughest opponent for their nominee based on his skills, message and personality"

Rush has pointed out that if you wanna see who the conservative is, see who the media hates the most. The media praises McCain as a 'war hero' and 'straight-talker.' But the media also praised Bob Dole ('oh, he's the most electable against Bill Clinton, oh, he's a war hero and no one should criticize him'). 90% of the media votes Democrat. The media is using reverse psychology. All the Democrat pundits are using the same talking point, 'oh, McCain is the most electable and the toughest to beat.' If the Democrat media really believed that, would they really admit it publicly? Do you think the Democrat pundits would really tell you the truth about which Republican is the most electable? If the media praises McCain as a straight-talker and a man of honor, and label Romney as a 'fake', you know the reverse must be true.

Although Mccain was in a distant third place in three states (Iowa, Nevada, Wyoming: notice the media didn't give much coverage to Nevada or Wyoming), Mitt was first (Michigan, Nevada, Wyoming) or a close second (New Hampshire, Florida) in every state except South Carolina. In South Carolina, Fred Thompson and Huckabee split the conservative vote with Romney. McCain won New Hampshire and South Carolina but only because of an open Republican primary that allowed Independents and Democrats to vote. McCain won Florida only because of the large number of moderates (RINOs), pro-amnesty Latinos, and because Governor Christ helped move legislation to move-up the Primary to help-out his fellow-RINO McCain.

McCain has all the name recognition in the world but still came in a distant third in Iowa, Nevada, and Wyoming. Mitt is the only Republican candidate to win a majority of voters in a state's primary (Nevada). Mitt still would have doubled McCain's vote in Nevada even without the Mormon vote. Mitt has consistently won among "conservative" and especially among "very conservative" voters. Mitt actually did better with "terrorism" voters in Florida than McCain.

Obama and Romney are the only candidates that are energizing voters so far. Also, notice that Obama only lost to Hillary in states where Republicans have an "open primary" the same day as the Democrats (New Hampshire, Nevada, and Florida; South Carolina held Democrat and Republican primaries on different days). Why? Because many of the Obama "Independents" (Democrats) have been voting for McCain in open primaries!!!


Anonymous said...

Romney down 4 points in CA, winner take all by district. We're going to gain delegates even if we don't garner the most votes.
Romney wins Maine caucus tonight, picks up likely 16 + delegates - no media coverage whatsoever.
Romney is down 8 points in AZ in most recent Rasmussen poll, with conservatives leaning heavily towards Romney - I know you were there this weekend, you saw how many signs we distributed...
Giuliani is gone. Thompson is gone.
We're gonna win AZ man, and we're gonna win the nomination despite the liberal media's wet dream republican nominee.

Steve66oh said...

Who remembers last spring when McCain said "Tarbaby"? Now the TOUGH question: Who here remembers the question that prompted his inspired answer? Basically, McCain was asked whether he thought all parents should have equal protection of their parental rights and family relationships, against government interference without proof of parental misconduct. McCain went on to mutter some nonsense about "invalidating divorces" - which was NOT the question - finally proclaiming that an effort to invalidate divorces would become a political "tarbaby". The RIGHT answer is to recognize that a no-fault divorce plaintiff is asking the court for permission to LEAVE the WHOLE family, because the innocent no-fault defendant has NOT (as the plaintiff HAS) voluntarily submitted their parental rights to the court for modification. Today, because our courts do not protect the parental rights of divorce defendants, the states are able to use custody and CS money to reward no-fault divorce plaintiffs. This creates a divorce incentive, allowing people who once married for security to now divorce for security. States do this because 42USC658a rewards THEM with federal money in proportion to their divorce caseloads - more divorces = more fed mone to states.

McCain does not see how the divorce epidemic and the crisis of INVOLUNTARY FATHERLESSNESS are killing the institution of marriage and sabotaging families nationwide.

Romney is talking about the problem of broken homes, he's a lot closer than "Tarbaby McCain" to creating a policy initiative to strengthen family and marriage in America.